Passive Fundraising is a term we use on the PTO for ways that parents can help donate to our school without having to attend an event or activity. And most of them fit right into your day-to-day lives, like shopping on Amazon! Thank you for helping provide the best educational experience for all of our students, and fund essential staff and materials that our kids need!

1. Does your company do corporate matching? Many companies offer a charitable giving program where the organization will match donations made by employees. So when you make your annual contribution to our WAVE Fundyour company will "double the donation" by also writing a check in the same amount to the WAVE Fund! It's as simple as asking your Human Resources department if they participate in a charitable giving program. 

2. Does your child wear prescription glasses? If you shop at Roshambo Eyewear (a local LCM family business) and they will donate 10% of your purchase back to LCM! Roshambo Eyewear makes unbreakable frames for kids that are bendable and flexible (they will even give you a free replacement if they happen to break).

Shop https://www.roshambo.com and use the code "LCM" for 20% off your glasses!
3. If you're shopping at OfficeDepot or OfficeMax provide the cashier or enter at checkout, LCM's ID# 70006497. LCM will receive 5% back in credits. 
4. The RaiseRight App offers you gift cards from over 750 brands, like Amazon, Starbucks, Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy, plus gift cards from over 200 restaurants! The moment you purchase a gift card through the app, the brand or restaurant gives back to LCM! To get started with RaiseRight download the app and be sure to enter LCM’s enrollment code to join: 27F9793L73439.







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